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Forward head posture, also known as forward head position, is a prevalent posture problem among kids, teens and adults. Constant use of mobile devices, reading in bed with too many pillows and even carrying heavy backpacks all contribute to this issue.


The strain of the head’s forward extension puts an incredible amount of additional force on the neck and upper back. In fact, for every inch beyond the normal position the head extends forward, the neck and back must support 10 additional pounds.




Forward head posture pulls the entire body out of proper alignment. As the head shifts forward from your normal center of gravity, your upper shoulders and thoracic spine compensate by shifting backward. This causes your hips to tilt forward and sets off a domino effect that causes serious spinal misalignment. Range of motion decreases, while pain and discomfort increase.


While forward head posture is undeniably unattractive, the problem is much larger. When left untreated, osteoarthritis of the spine and disc herniation commonly occur. Lung capacity may be reduced by up to 30% when the head is held in a forward position, and the misalignment affects the gastrointestinal system as well.


Forward Head Posture Treatment

If you suffer from forward head posture, consult with a chiropractor as soon as possible. At Natural Way Chiropractic, one of our Kansas City chiropractors will conduct a thorough exam of your spine to determine the extent of your spinal misalignment and the root of the problem.


Once we have a clear picture of the problem, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to improve your posture and correct spinal misalignment. We may also suggest lifestyle changes and improvements to your ergonomics at works.


To schedule a consultation with a trusted chiropractor for forward head posture treatment in Overland Park, contact one of our three offices today!

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