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Millions of people in the US suffer from shoulder pain. It occurs as the result of numerous underlying factors, but in many instances, shoulder pain is actually caused be a problem in the neck. The successful treatment of neck pain relies on determining the underlying cause. When you choose Natural Way Chiropractic to treat your shoulder pain, we will work tirelessly to determine what’s causing your pain and come up with an effective treatment plan.



The potential causes of shoulder pain are numerous, but the most common include:


•Accidental injuries



•Poor posture


Pain in the shoulder may also occur as the result of physical or emotional stress and spinal conditions like bulging or herniated discs.


When pain occurs as the result of an acute injury, pinpointing the cause is easy. But in other instances, it can be a bit more of a challenge, and more in-depth testing and examinations may be required.


When to Seek Treatment for Shoulder Pain

When shoulder pain is minor and resolves itself within a few days, further treatment is usually unnecessary. In cases of severe or recurring shoulder pain, however, it’s important to seek prompt attention from a chiropractor. You should also schedule an appointment with your chiropractor if you’re experiencing pain that radiates from your shoulder to other parts of your body. For an Overland Park Chiropractic treatment, we also advise scheduling an appointment for shoulder pain that develops following a car accident.


Overland Park Shoulder Pain Treatment

Don’t let your shoulder pain get you down. At Natural Way Chiropractic, we are proud to offer effective Overland Park shoulder pain treatment. We are experts when it comes to treating shoulder pain, and while some chiropractors focus their attention on providing symptom relief, we strive to determine and correct the underlying problem to provide long-term relief from several chronic and acute conditions.


In addition to chiropractic, we may also recommend complimentary services, including hydro massage, acupuncture, spinal decompression, etc.


To learn more about shoulder pain treatment in Overland Park, contact one of our three convenient Kansas City area locations today! With offices in Overland Park, Lenexa and Lee’s Summit, help is closer than you may think.

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