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Read or Listen to what these patients have to say about their experiences with Natural Way Chiropractic and the healthy lifestyles they are now enjoying due to chiropractic care.

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Real Success Stories From Real Patients

“After a car accident, my injuries were not ‘fixing’ themselves, so I felt it was necessary to seek Chiropractic services to alleviate the pain in my neck and lower back.  I was hoping that my range of motion and mobility would return to normal, thus eliminating the pain I was experiencing.   My neighbor was receiving chiropractic care after he was involved in an accident so I decided to see his doctor.  What I was unaware of at the time, I inadvertently went to the wrong Chiropractic facility… and I am thankful I did!  Even though my treatments are still on-going, the right prescription/treatment plan from Dr. Rissman has been outstanding!  He hit the nail on the head (blind-folded and swinging backwards)!  I am so amazed with the range of motion and mobility I have received thus far!  I am beyond excited to see and feel the end result!  Over the years, I have heard of using a ‘Decompression Table’ in conjunction with adjustments, however, I have never experiences this treatment in the past…but I am a HUGE fan of it now!  Again, the RIGHT doctor (Dr. Rissman) prescribed the RIGHT treatment plan!  I have increased mobility and range of motion in my lower back area.  We are not proceeding to the neck area.  Lower back pain is almost eliminated before completing treatment plan.  My unexpected surprise was the Decompression table results!!!  Also the staff (Melissa, Jenna, Dr. Patrick, Dr. Chad, Dr. Cindy) are so nice!  GOO SEE DR. RISSMAN! He is simply the BEST Chiropractor in Overland Park! You WON’T be sorry you did!  And you can take that to the bank!” - Kirsten Waters

“I was experiencing headaches and migraines.  To be honest, I never had been to a chiro so I wasn’t sure what would improve or how.  Your company was a guest @ our company health fair one year.   I feel wonderful.  No more migraines and headaches.  I love working with Dr. C. because she has such a great understanding of how the body works.  She is willing to take the time to explain what she is doing and why. And will answer any questions I have.  I have a better knowledge of my own body and how it works.  And when something doesn’t feel right I know I will get the help I need here.  This is a great office for someone who has never seen a chiro or even a veteran.  The staff and doctors are all so knowledgeable and very kind. “ - Emily Lukens

“Low Back Pain.  Improve mobility – Pain Relief.  Knowledgeable through examination.  Honest expectations.  Less pain – More mobility.  Give this office a try.  It has been good for me.” - Richard Page

“Dr. Cindy has helped me live my life without pain.  I’m very impressed by Dr. Cindy’s passion and professionalism.  She listens and sincerely wants to help you feel better.  I come in for general maintenance twice a month.  If I have any problems, I know I can always call the staff – Jenna and Melissa are very accommodating & wonderful.  I feel that my body has gotten to the point when it functions!  I don’t have to worry about having to take pain killers.  Make an appointment! Everybody cares about you in this office!  They are here to help you.” - K.K

“I had been experiencing tightness – knots in upper back & neck and numbness in my left arm.  The numbness progressed to shooting pain and was affecting my ability to do simple tasks.  I met Dr. Cindy at a home show @ was taken with her warmth, knowledge & willingness to explain.  In my evaluation that willingness to spend the time to explain & educate me.  I’m glad we set up a program & improve my issues.  Everyone loves dessert.  The hydro massage is the most delicious part.  Improved upper body range of motion, I seldom have pain in my body anymore.  Go for it.“ - Celeste

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